Learning experiences
in deep connection with Nature

About Way of Nature

Way of Nature (WoN) is a universal, nature-based learning path that leads to positive transformation and deep connection with all life.

Through a variety of practices – spiritual and energetic – and the application of the Twelve Guiding Principles for Natural Liberation, it applies the fundamentals shared by great wisdom lineages without adhering to the structure of any particular belief system.

The Way of Nature (WoN) application process combines Awareness Training with periods of solitary meditation (AllOne) in nature. This process provides essential principles and practices to connect with and allow the innate wisdom of our Three Natures (Inner, Outer and True) to emerge.

Key benefits of participating in the program:

  • Meet and learn with the Founder of Way of Nature
  • Relax areas of contraction in your body, mind and spirit
  • Understand and cultivate presence in full contact with life
  • Cultivate your innate vitality and receptivity
  • Recognize the interconnectivity of all forms of Nature
  • Feel the joy that comes from an authentic communion with the Three Natures (inner, outer and true).

John P. Milton, Way of Nature founder

John P. Milton is a teacher, author, pioneer and one of the founding fathers of the environmental movement. In the 1960s and 1970s John produced a number of publications and projects that helped launch the environmental movement and expose our failure to respect and honor ecological principles that protect the well-being of the biosphere (www.wayofnature.com/publications).

Beyond ecology and research, his training is based on the direct teachings of great masters from the world’s leading spiritual lineages. John is a teacher of meditation, T’ai Chi, Qigong and Tantra.

From this broad background, John founds and creates the Way of Nature process, a unique and vital form of spiritual cultivation in Nature that matures into a profound ecological experience of communion with all species, and with Mother Earth.

Since the 1950s, John has guided thousands of people, sharing experiences and practices for cultivating a deep connection with nature. Today John continues to lecture and lead workshops and retreats – Natural Renewal, Nature Quests, Sacred Passages, Advanced Awareness Trainings – for individuals and groups.

Join our first gathering in person with John in july 2022

Ana Arrabé

Founder of Eus3 and Way of Nature Spain.

Bachelor in Computer Science, in her previous vocation she worked in the telecommunications sector. Motivated by her interest in Conscious Leadership and Organizational Learning, she chaired and is a member of SoL Spain (Society for Organizational Learning, M.I.T.). Testimonials from thought leaders such as Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer or Joseph Jaworski, about their experiences during their trainings with John P. Milton and how they inspired them in their lives and professional careers, sow seeds of curiosity that will take some years to germinate.

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Natural Renewal

Teachings with WoN Founder, John P. Milton.

July, 14-17, Amalurra – retreat center
Bilbao-Artzentales, Spain

Qigong, Meditation, and Nature Connection practices that refine your senses and refresh your being.

Natural Renewal is a program designed to help people deepen their connection to the natural world and experience positive personal transformation.

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