Ana Arrabé

Way of Nature Spain emerges with the intention of facilitating processes of positive transformation, aimed at restoring balance in people and organizations through a deep connection with -and in- nature.

Ana Arrabé is the founder of Eus3 and Way of Nature Spain.

Bachelor in Computer Science, in her previous vocation she worked in the telecommunications sector. Motivated by her interest in Conscious Leadership and Organizational Learning, she chaired and is a member of SoL Spain (Society for Organizational Learning, M.I.T.). Testimonials from thought leaders such as Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer or Joseph Jaworski, about their experiences during their trainings with John P. Milton and how they inspired them in their lives and professional careers, sow seeds of curiosity that will take some years to germinate.

In the meantime, her vision of stress as one of the main causes of suffering in people, organizations and society led Ana to train and become certified as a teacher and teacher trainer of MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction). Since 2009, Ana has been offering  mindfulness based training and interventions in Spain and abroad.

It was during the confinement caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, that her interest in bringing meditation to nature reawakened and she joined the 4-year Advanced Awareness Training with John P. Milton.

During the AllOne time of a “Sacred Passage”  in the desert, Ana commits herself to spreading these practices and decides to found Way of Nature Spain.