John P. Milton

Let’s spend more time with wild Nature, ideally in periods of solitude, experiencing Nature as a Sacred Space. In this Way, may we deepen our love and authentic relationship with the rest of our Family of Life. In so doing may we learn the ancient lessons of how to support harmony, balance and authentic connection with Outer, Inner and our own True Nature.

John P. Milton is a teacher, author, pioneer and one of the founding fathers of the environmental movement. In the 1960s and 1970s John produced a number of publications and projects that helped launch the environmental movement and expose our failure to respect and honor ecological principles that protect the well-being of the biosphere (

Beyond ecology and research, his training is based on the direct teachings of great masters from the world’s leading spiritual lineages. John is a teacher of meditation, T’ai Chi, Qigong and Tantra.

From this broad background, John founds and creates the Way of Nature process, a unique and vital form of spiritual cultivation in Nature that matures into a profound ecological experience of communion with all species, and with Mother Earth.

Since the 1950s, John has guided thousands of people, sharing experiences and practices for cultivating a deep connection with nature. Today John continues to lecture and lead workshops and retreats – Natural Renewal, Nature Quests, Sacred Passages, Advanced Awareness Trainings – for individuals and groups.